Rapunzel from Tangled Story

Since Walt Disney Animation Studios launch their 50th movie in animated classic series with “Tangled” title in 2010, children especially girls all over the world starting become fans of “Rapunzel from Tangled” character. This first Disney’s CGI animated movie with PG rating (Parental Guidance recommended), successfully entertain children and their parent who accompany them to watch this movie. Featured Mandy Moore’s voice as Rapunzel, Zachary Levi’s voice as Flynn Rider the handsome thief and Donna Murphy as the Mother Gothel the witch also mark up this movie quality. This movie originally titled and marketed as Rapunzel, but before this movie launched Disney changed the titled into “Tangled”. With six years of production and estimate production cost  about $260 million, makes this movie a strong candidate of the most expensive animated movie that ever made.

Rapunzel from Tangled

Before this “Tangled” movie launched, maybe lot of us don’t know who Rapunzel is. Actually, Rapunzel is not a new fairytale created by Disney. The original Rapunzel story came from Germany by the Brothers Grimm. But in “Tangled” movie, Disney add a little seasoning and improvisation to make this movie and the fairytale could be accepted in this modern era. So from now on, maybe we should use “Rapunzel from Tangled” term to described this modern Rapunzel character instead of classic Rapunzel by The Brothers Grimm.
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Cinderella Disney Princess is a typical Disney princess character which portrays a delicate girl who rises from rags to riches. At first she is portrayed as a poor girl doing all odd jobs for the family, but later she is converted into a princess with the help of her fairy God Mother. She is surrounded by two evil sisters and her step-mother who burden her with all the household chores yet she manages to be busy in her work not complaining and taking everything in her stride. Cinderella Disney Princess is portrayed as a frail girl who does not fight for her rights and is dependent on someone always. She would never had gone to the ball dance had it not been for her fairy Godmother. Yet she is portrayed as a sensible, beautiful girl who cares for her sisters and step-mother and specially her father.

Cinderella Disney Princess

Cinderella Disney Princess Description

Cinderella Disney Princess is depicted as a poor girl initially and is always shown dressed in rags. She is often shown as doing household chores which she likes or not is not clear. Her interest in going out with her sisters is obvious at many times. Finally when her fairy godmother comes to her rescue she transforms into a beautiful princess with her beautiful ballroom gown and of course the infamous slippers. The slippers are made of glass and they are the medium through which the prince searches the princess throughout the place. The carriage and horsemen of Cinderella are well thought of and are groomed perfectly. Cinderella is shown as a very beautiful yet kind girl.

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The story of Snow White Disney princess is a beautiful story about a fair princess and seven dwarfs. The princess is as fair as snow and is as soft as snow too. She stays with seven dwarfs who are named after their typical characteristics, for example happy dwarf always is happy and so on. Snow White Disney princess is duped by a witch when she gives her an apple which is poisoned due to which she goes to lifelong sleep. The curse in the apple is that she will wake up only when she will receive a kiss from any prince. The story of Snow White Disney princess is a typical Disney story which has a happy ending. Beautifully lay in a forest the story revolves around the princess and seven dwarfs and their typical characteristics.

Snow White Disney Princess

Snow white Disney Princess Description

Disney princesses are generally beautiful young girls and snow white Disney princess is no exception. She is as fair as snow and is shown wearing a yellow and blue frock with a red belt. Her youthful appearance brings cheers to the seven dwarfs who all look similar but are made to look different by some single characteristic. Snow white Disney princess wears short hair and looks quite bubbly yet very fair and beautiful. The characteristics of snow white Disney princess are shown as a beautiful girl who is poisoned and put to deep sleep. Snow white Disney princess sleeps and does not age in her sleep till the prince comes looking for her and kisses her and she finally wakes up from her deep slumber.

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Everyone is aware of the story ‘Beauty and the Beast’. The protagonist of this story is Belle Disney Princess who is the fifth in the line-up of the Disney princesses. Belle Disney Princess Character portrays a brave lady who does not believe in restrictions on women which is quite a different approach as compared to her community members. Most of the Disney Princess are Barbie doll types and love some handsome prince who has world riches but Belle Disney Princess is an exception as she loves a Beastly looking character that lives in a dark castle deep in the Jungle. This shows the sensitive side of Princess Belle.

Belle Disney Princess

Belle Disney Princess Characteristics

Belle’s looks have a Western appeal more of the European kind. Her face has glowing small eyes with luscious lips. She has a matured look as she always is involved reading. Her personality comes across as a serious person who is more into reading than running behind her looks. Overall Belle’s character portrays a strong and courageous woman who is quite sensible and can do anything to save her father, even trade her father’s freedom. Belle is shown to be always searching for knowledge as opposed to going behind the man she loves, which is a common character trait of most of the Disney Princess. She was also known as an oddball due to this.

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Disney stories have been an integral part of growing up for almost all children. The protagonist in most of the Disney movies and stories are the Princess like Cinderella, Snow white and many more. One of the well-known princesses who are distinctly known for her looks and rebellious behavior is Ariel Disney Princess. She finds her place as the fourth Disney princess and was seen as the protagonist in the 28th animated feature film ‘The Little Mermaid’. In fact she is the only princess who is also portrayed as a mother.

Ariel Disney Princess with Flounder and Sebastian (The Little Mermaid)

Ariel Disney Princess Description

Disney princesses are usually portrayed as beautiful creatures wither long flowing hair and pretty faces. Ariel Disney Princess has a pretty oval face with blue eyes and long, red coloured hair. She is portrayed as a mermaid so she has a greenish shimmering tail.
The character of this Disney princess portrays Ariel Disney Princess as being rebellious and adamant. Though being a mermaid she always longs to be a part of the humans on land.

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I think we should agree that in one time in our life when we were kids, we want to be someone else or becoming our idols. If we were a boy usually we want to become a super hero that save the world, and if we were a girl we want to become a beautiful princess as in fairy tale. For a girl, Disney Princess Costume is all they wanted to wear in a special moments like their birthday party or in halloween night.

Here are some Disney Princess Costume ideas for each Disney Princess. We hope it could help you which costume that fit to your little girl and let her become a princess in her special day. We sort the princess from the oldest one and the first Disney Princess that is Snow White and the latest one that join the Disney Princess court in 2011 that is Rapunzel. Enjoy…

Snow White Disney Princess Costume

Snow White Disney Princess Costume for Kids
The first and the oldest Disney Princess (from 1937 ?!?). The story about the Snow White and 7 dwarfs become a legend until now. Although nowadays maybe our daughter has no chance to see Snow White’s original animation movie, but this fairy tale widely told by mother to her daughter.
Basically, Snow White costume is the most colorful costume from all others Disney Princess. Usually it has blue blouse with red sleeves and yellow skirt. It would be perfect if she has 7 dwarfs…I mean 7 friends with her :)
[Snow White Disney Princess Costume]

Cinderella Disney Princess Costume

Cinderella Disney Princess Costume for Kids
A poor girl which has 2 step sisters and step mother who really hate her before she become a princess. Her costume is dominated with blue and white color. Oh and do not forget the tiara and the glass shoes…or maybe something similar :)
[Cinderella Disney Princess Costume]

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Rapunzel Tangled Costume Ideas

Since Rapunzel from Tangled crowned as 10th Disney Princess in 3th October 2011, Rapunzel Tangled costume became the most wanted Disney Princess costume among the children. Try to ask our children, especially girls, what costume will they wear in their birthday party, in halloween event or in other costumes party. Almost all of them will answer : “Rapunzel Costume !”. Well, it is not without reason that Rapunzel from Tangled is so famous among children this days. Disney successfully bring out classic Rapunzel stories into modern animation movies. And by joining Rapunzel from Tangled into Disney Princess franchise, Disney surely know how to promote their character among all Disney Characters fans all over the world.

Rapunzel Tangled Costume for Kids

Here are some Rapunzel Tangled Costume ideas for kids :
1. Rapunzel Princess Dress Up Costume
Disney Princess Rapunzel Tangled Costume

Designed by “Little Adventures” and has various size for kids between age 1 – 7 years. Made from durable and stretchy material, very comfortable to wear with no itchy fabrics. This washable costume has price range between $29.99 – $34.96 depend on the size.
[Rapunzel Princess Dress Up Costume]

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Pocahontas Disney Princess Story

Pocahontas Disney Princess first appearance was in Disney Animated Movie in 1995 with the same title with her name, Pocahontas. In that movie Pocahontas is one of the main character and also in the sequel of the movie, Pocahontas II : Journey to a New World. The most interesting fact about Pocahontas Disney Princess is that she is the first and only Disney Princess which has two love interests. And another interesting fact is that Pocahontas Disney Princess is the first Disney Princess that based on a real historic character, based on known history and legend that surround Native American woman.

Pocahontas Disney Princess

Pocahontas Disney Princess











Although Pocahontas Disney Princess not come from or marry into monarchy like other Disney Princess, she still included in as an official Disney Princess because she is the daughter of a Native American Chief. As a daughter of a Native American Chief, Pocahontas Disney Princess has a free-spirited and high spiritual character. Pocahontas which means “Little Mischief” or the “naughty one”, appears that she has a shamanic power because she could commune with nature, talk to spirits, empathize with animals, and understand unknown languages. As one of the Disney Princess she absolutely has a very beautiful appearance with long black hair, copper skin and dark twinkling eyes.

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Jasmine Disney Princess Story

As one of the Disney Princess, we could say that Jasmine Disney Princess is a unique one. Because Jasmine Disney Princess is the only one with Arabian physical appearance among the other Disney Princess. With long dark hair and large dark eyes, Jasmine Disney Princess together with Aladdin and Genie is one of the main character in Aladdin (1992), The Return of Jafar (1994) and Aladdin and the King of Thieves (1996) which all of them are produced by Disney Animation Studio.

Jasmine Disney Princess is the daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah, and surely that makes her a princess of Agrabah. Although she is a princess, she has free-spirited character , and in many ways resembles the “rebellious princess” archetype. She is headstrong, and longs for the freedom that other girls have. And all that character that makes she run away from the palace because she is bored with her “beautiful” life and would like to see another kind of life outside the palace.
Jasmine Disney Princess with Aladdin

Jasmine Disney Princess in Aladdin

Jasmine Disney Princess first movie is “Aladdin” in 1992,  and also in this movie that she meets Aladdin for the first time. She meets Aladdin and Abu in Agrabah market place when Aladdin saves her when Jasmine Disney Princess get into trouble while she tried to run away from the palace. And in this movie too when she is for the first time riding a magic carpet and meet Genie who could grant three wishes of his master. Together they tried to stop Jafar the Grand Vizier which thirst of power to conquer Agrabah. In middle of the story, Jafar could steal the Genie’s lamp from Aladdin and that makes Jafar as the master as the Genie. Jafar asked Genie to make him a sultan and become the most powerful sorcerer in the world as his first two wishes. Although Jafar become so powerful, Aladdin could tricked him and makes him asked Genie to change him into Genie as his last wishes. When Jafar become a genie, he realize that Genie is not a free entities, and that makes him sucked into black lamp and become prisoner of the lamp. And the story end with Aladdin and Jasmine celebrate their engagement and Genie explore the world as free entities because Aladdin freed him from the lamp as the Aladdin’s final wish.
Jasmine Disney PrincessJasmine Disney Princess

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Esmeralda Disney Story

Disney lovers absolutely know who is Esmeralda Disney. Her first appearance is in “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame” animation movie from Disney Animation Studio in 1996. Although she is not the main character in that animation movie, but surely Esmeralda gives an important roles in the story and that makes Esmeralda has her own fans. And that is the main reason which makes Disney sometimes featured her with the other Disney Princess , and that makes lot of people wondering why Disney won’t crowned her as one of Disney Princess.

Esmeralda Disney Princess

Esmeralda Disney Original Story

Maybe lot us still don’t know that actually Esmeralda (and “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame” story) is not an original Disney Story. The Hunchback of Notre-Dame story originally written by Victor Hugo in 1831. In the Victor Hugo’s original version, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame story has more “dark” plot and “adult” scene. In the original story, Esmeralda is a 16 years old French Gypsy girl which born with name Agnes. She serves as public dancer and has a pet goat named Djali. Esmeralda has one way love to Captain Phoebus which save her from being kidnapped by Quasimodo. And don’t forget about Frollo who obsessed with Esmeralda, he even said to Esmeralda that no one will have her if he cannot. And that made Esmeralda was hung in the end of the story. Yeah, it is pretty far from typical Disney Story that always ended with “happily ever after” :).
Esmeralda Disney with Friends
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Rapunzel from Tangled Birthday Invitations

Rapunzel from Tangled birthday party has to be completed by Rapunzel invitation too. There so many Rapunzel from Tangled invitation ideas, but mostly they have cost of course. Here I try to make several Rapunzel from Tangled invitation templates, so you could get the Rapunzel invitation free. So, the cost of your little princess Rapunzel from Tangled party will be lower a bit.

Because the birthday party is themed by Rapunzel from Tangled, so better if the birthday invitation has image of princess Rapunzel from Tangled or related to it. From what we know, invitation is a communication device to invite another person, so there are 2 people communicating there. So that, I suggest don’t forget to write name of invitee and invitor.

You can create your own Rapunzel from Tangled invitation idea by searching from the search engine. Then you can edit the Rapunzel invitation you’ve selected and add some words on it, then print it. But if you are in a hurry, please come and print my Rapunzel from Tangled invitation free. Just click Rapunzel from Tangled invitation pictures you love and print it. Better print this Rapunzel invitation on photos paper. Then you can write down the blank space on Rapunzel from Tangled invitation by using eye catching color markers. If you don’t like the words on Rapunzel from Tangled invitation here, you can edit it in editing software, such as Photoshop, etc.

rapunzel from tangled

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