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Pocahontas Disney Princess Story

Pocahontas Disney Princess first appearance was in Disney Animated Movie in 1995 with the same title with her name, Pocahontas. In that movie Pocahontas is one of the main character and also in the sequel of the movie, Pocahontas II : Journey to a New World. The most interesting fact about Pocahontas Disney Princess is that she is the first and only Disney Princess which has two love interests. And another interesting fact is that Pocahontas Disney Princess is the first Disney Princess that based on a real historic character, based on known history and legend that surround Native American woman.

Pocahontas Disney Princess

Pocahontas Disney Princess











Although Pocahontas Disney Princess not come from or marry into monarchy like other Disney Princess, she still included in as an official Disney Princess because she is the daughter of a Native American Chief. As a daughter of a Native American Chief, Pocahontas Disney Princess has a free-spirited and high spiritual character. Pocahontas which means “Little Mischief” or the “naughty one”, appears that she has a shamanic power because she could commune with nature, talk to spirits, empathize with animals, and understand unknown languages. As one of the Disney Princess she absolutely has a very beautiful appearance with long black hair, copper skin and dark twinkling eyes.

Pocahontas Disney Princess in Pocahontas

In Pocahontas movie, that is when she first met with John Smith as her first lover. Although at the beginning of the movie, Pocahontas was proposed by Kocoum to be his wife. Kocoum is one of her dad’s bravest warriors. However Pocahontas Disney Princess doesn’t feel right about this so she asked for advice from Grandmother Willow. After hearing Grandmother Advice, Pocahontas Disney Princess encounter with European Settlers that came into her land, Virginia, to look for gold. They believe that Native American people are hiding lots of gold in their country.
When one of the settlers named John Smith exploring the area, accidentally he meets with Pocahontas Disney Princess. After a long talking about each other world, they start to fall in love. One day when they arrange secret meeting, Pocahontas didn’t realize that she followed by Kocoum. When Pocahontas Disney Princess starts kissing with John Smith, Kocoum which enraged seeing that scene suddenly attack and try to kill John Smith. In the same time, a settler named Thomas who had been sent to find John Smith realize what happening so he shoot and kills Kocoum at once to protect John Smith.

Pocahontas Disney Princess and John Smith









Although John Smith is not the one who killed Kocoum, but he take the blame and prisoned by Native American people. Not just that, John Smith will be executed at sunrise for his “crime”. After knowing that news, Pocahontas Disney Princess runs to where it will take places with the help of the forces of nature to reach there in time. Pocahontas could saves John Smith in time but the leader of the settlers which tried to save John Smith shoot Pocahontas’s Father. Luckily John Smith used his body to protect Pocahontas’s Father, and because of that John Smith is injured and needs to get medical treatment. So the other settlers carry him to the ship and go back to their homeland. And that was the end of the first movie of Pocahontas Disney Princess.

Pocahontas Disney Princess in Pocahontas II : Journey to a New World

In her second movie, Pocahontas II : Journey to a New World, as the title says Pocahontas Disney Princess is going to London as a diplomat to stop a potential attack upon her people being ordered by King James and in a plot by Radcliffe. And there she meets with John Rolfe and fall in love with him as the story goes. In the end of the story, she reunited with John Smith but she said to John Smith that their way is not the same anymore. So this movie is ended with Pocahontas and John Rolfe set sail together to the Pocahontas Disney Princess land, Virginia.

Pocahontas Disney Princess and John Rolfe

Pocahontas Disney Princess Nowadays

Not just in Disney Movie, Pocahontas Disney Princess also appear in lots of game title. She also often appear in Disney’s events together with the other Disney Princess. Although at the end of the story Pocahontas Disney Princess choose John Rolfe as her lover, but most media and Disney Princess franchise keeps John Smith as Pocahontas Disney Princess official couple. And most hunted accessories are Pocahontas Disney Princess Wall Decal, Pocahontas Disney Princess Costumes, Pocahontas Disney Princess Bed Set, Pocahontas Disney Princess Doll and many others.

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