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How to Make Rapunzel From Tangled Cardboard Tower

Because of the prior article titled Rapunzel From Tangled Theme Party Ideas, I would like to post this article just because there are so many “how to make Rapunzel From Tangled Tower” questions to us.

For building a princess castle from cardboard, you will need:
1. Box of refrigerator, if you can get it, don’t worry too much because you can use also some of boxes which have almost the same sizes by stacking it and tape it to make as tall as box of refrigerator.

rapunzel from tangled

2. tape and glue
3. old newspapers, you can twist it some and make it long enough. Tie the newspaper with tape in some points. Then you can spray it with trees color. We will use it as vines or ivy on the wall of Rapunzel From Tangled tower.
4. cutter or scissor
5. some of small boxes, approximately in about lunch box sized
6. spraying paint color and board marker


First step to make Rapunzel From Tangled Tower is:
rapunzel from tangled Using board marker to make lines, and you can draw the mountain shape on the lids 1 and 2 (as picture shown above). After that please grab your cutter or knife, and then cut the lid following the lines. So that in the result you will get 2 triangles lids.


rapunzel from tangled


Sorry because I don’t make it myself, I just give you the edited pictures I made.
So you will raise the other lid and make them meet and match up till you get the roof top shape. But don’t forget to tape it. And you’ve had the Rapunzel from Tangled tall tower now. ¬†Take a deep breath, still lots of to do to make it really nice Rapunzel from Tangled tower.

rapunzel from tangled


next, you have to make a door, use cutter to make a hole, so that your daughter could enter the tower and hide in it during her Rapunzel from Tangled birthday party. But this Rapunzel from Tangled tower is not safe, what if it fall and make your daughter who is in it injured? So that, i designed this Rapunzel from Tangled for you, you can breath freely during the Rapunzel birthday party. What you need are opening the bottom lids and tape it to the floor (do the ‘tape it to the floor’ later when the tower is done), when you feel that isn’t enough, how about adding some big plants on their heavy pots on the taped lids? I think those would be your little princess Rapunzel fun and safe.

rapunzel from tangled

What the use of Rapunzel from Tangled tower in the birthday party? Just for hiding your daughter in Rapunzel from Tangled costume? Noooo….. Because the party is themed Rapunzel from Tangled, you have to make your daughter to play the role of Rapunzel as on the movie. She needs to lie down her long hair of course. So that’s why this Rapunzel from Tangled tower needs a window, place where your daughter can dangle her long hair. That’s exactly what Rapunzel from Tangled do!

What you have to do now is drawing the template of window like the picture under.
rapunzel from tangled

Then use your cutter again, and just cut the continued line and keep the interrupted line. After that you will have the window lids, try to open it and fold the lid right at the interrupted line. You can add handles if you want too.

rapunzel from tangledNow the amusing part of making Rapunzel from Tangled tower, you can invite your daughter to help you, it’s really fun. Painting time! You can select her favorite colors to paint it. It a large area to paint, better you use the spray painters, but don’t forget to put the old newspapers under the tower so your floor or wall never spilled by paints. Use the dark color to make it Rapunzel from Tangled look like. Better if you can mix some of colors to paint the wall or roof. Let your daughter coloring the window using boardmarker or her crayons. If there are plenty of time, adding bricks pattern to the wall is kind of a great idea ever. Make it old and mostly ruined by ages.

rapunzel from tnagledAhaa…. this the next step, you are almost finishing Rapunzel from Tangled tower. Use the small boxes and stick those to the wall at the end of the roof top. Make sure you are taking a little space every each of the small box attached. Before that, I hope you’ve painted the small boxes first of course. You can imagine how real your handmade Rapunzel from Tangled tower. And maybe you will think, how come you’re not an architect , awesome!
But still it looks fake to me… so let’s add some ornaments on it together.

rapunzel from tangledYou can attach the twisted old newspapers, make the newspapers as tree branches which hold Rapunzel from Tangled tower tightly. Add some leaves weed using green paper chunk or paints.

I try to write a tutorial to make Rapunzel from Tangled tower for birthday party based on this picture below.
rapunzel from tangledI hope this article is useful and can help you cherish your little Rapunzel from Tangled birthday party, Thanks.

More about Rapunzel from Tangled, please see Rapunzel from Tangled Story

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