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Rapunzel from Tangled Story

Since Walt Disney Animation Studios launch their 50th movie in animated classic series with “Tangled” title in 2010, children especially girls all over the world starting become fans of “Rapunzel from Tangled” character. This first Disney’s CGI animated movie with PG rating (Parental Guidance recommended), successfully entertain children and their parent who accompany them to watch this movie. Featured Mandy Moore’s voice as Rapunzel, Zachary Levi’s voice as Flynn Rider the handsome thief and Donna Murphy as the Mother Gothel the witch also mark up this movie quality. This movie originally titled and marketed as Rapunzel, but before this movie launched Disney changed the titled into “Tangled”. With six years of production and estimate production cost  about $260 million, makes this movie a strong candidate of the most expensive animated movie that ever made.

Rapunzel from Tangled

Before this “Tangled” movie launched, maybe lot of us don’t know who Rapunzel is. Actually, Rapunzel is not a new fairytale created by Disney. The original Rapunzel story came from Germany by the Brothers Grimm. But in “Tangled” movie, Disney add a little seasoning and improvisation to make this movie and the fairytale could be accepted in this modern era. So from now on, maybe we should use “Rapunzel from Tangled” term to described this modern Rapunzel character instead of classic Rapunzel by The Brothers Grimm.

The story about Rapunzel from Tangled, began on a small peaceful kingdom with a great king and queen lead that kingdom. One day, the pregnant queen falls ill and her lives is in danger. That why the king as the guards to searching the legendary golden flower which have magic power to heal all illness. The magic golden flower is kept and hidden by the witch named Gothel. Gothel the witch use this magic golden flower to make her stay young forever. Unfortunately, the guards was able to find the magic golden flower and give the flower into the queen. And because of that, the queen cured from her illness and could give birth to Rapunzel from Tangled. Not just that, the baby Rapunzel from Tangled also has magical power in her golden hair derived from the golden flower which could cure all illness as long the hair not being cut.

Knowing that the guards took the magic flower and the magic power move into the baby Rapunzel from Tangled, Gothel the witch very mad and planning to kidnapped the baby Rapunzel from Tangled. One night, Gothel the witch successfully kidnapped the baby Rapunzel from Tangled and isolated her in a hidden tower deep in the jungle. The king and the queen that feel deep lost about her baby, every years on the Rapunzel from Tangled birthday, the king and the queen release thousand of lantern into the sky.

In every periods , Gothel the witch, who confess as Rapunzel from Tangled’s mother, visits her in the tower. Rapunzel from Tangled used her very long hair to lift up the witch into the tower. And everytime the witch visiting the tower, the witch ask Rapunzel from Tangled to sing to make her hair produce magic power that makes the witch young again.

Rapunzel from Tangled which kept in the tower, every year could see that lanterns released by the king and the queen, And Rapunzel begging to her fake mother to see the lantern from close distance every time the fake mother visited her. But Gothel the fake mother, forbid her with reason if world outside the tower is really wild and dangerous.

One day, Flynn Rider the thief steps into the tower but then taken a hostage by a Rapunzel. And Rapunzel strikes a deal with Flynn Rider to go outside and see the lanterns. And soon after that they face challenging adventure to fulfill Rapunzel’s request. Chased by Gothel the witch and horse of the kingdom “Maximus” just make the adventure more challenging and silly.

And as like the other fairytale, this Rapunzel from Tangled story also has a happy ending. Which finally, Rapunzel from Tangled could together again with the king and the queen which are her real parents. With a simple story and funny dialogue, story of Rapunzel from Tangled is worth to watch with your entire family.

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